Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Result driven Marketing

The average consumer sees over 5,000 marketing messages per day across an array of different internet connected devices. They do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to tune out that noise and have a pleasurable personalized digital experience throughout their day. 

We believe that the most effective marketing campaign requires these 4 things:

  1. Understand exactly who your customer is
  2. Create a brand experience that fits organically into their daily routine
  3. Rank at the top of every common online search that they will perform when they are ready to make a purchasing decision.
  4. Have high rating and reviews written by both their peers and those whom they view as authorities in the market

To do this effectively,  we use ONE SINGULAR STRATEGY: Test. Analyze. Adjust. Repeat.


Brand Experience

We design, build and manage your website/mobile-app/social platforms so that they clearly display a cohesive brand message that is authentic to your core principles.



We not only keep your web presence up to date with all the current tech standards, but we create high quality monthly content from your site that keeps you at the top of the search results for all the keywords that your customers use the most.



We provide tools and incentives to encourage your happy customers to write rave reviews about you. We also foster relationships between your brand and other online influencers in your market. We then find opportunities for cross-promotion and, occasionally, paid promotions.


Adjust + Repeat.

Each campaign is unique, every customer segment evolves and technology is always changing. We work with you to set goals with measurable results and are constantly tweaking and adjusting to ensure that we are meeting them. We provide you with a dashboard that highlights how well we are doing at achieving each goal and communicate regularly with you for true R.O.I.

Website | Branding

  • Mobile-first web design

  • Hosting + Automatic Scaling

  • 48-hour content turn-around

  • SEO + SMO

  • Email List Builder

  • Integrated social media login, commenting, and sharing tools

  • Easy-to-use blog with "push to social" integration

Blog | Content Marketing

  • 1 original keyword-optimized blog each month.

  • Trending keyword research which informs blog content

  • Paid promotion of each blog to ensure a minimum of 1,000 unique and highly targeted visitors each month to your site. 

  • 1 FAQ article each month in answer to the most popular question being asked by your market that month.

Social Media

  • Create and Schedule up to 5 posts per week on all your social platforms **

  • Paid promotion of post to ensure thousands of impressions and hundreds of engagements by highly targeted customers.

  • Unique visual design for each post customized to promote sharing within your market.

  • All posts link back to your blog to drive SEO traffic and increase conversions of fans to customers


  • Outreach to 5 influential bloggers or publications within your market each month

  • Monthly contest or incentive campaign to increase customer reviews and referrals

  • Custom tools that simplify the process of writing reviews for your customers

  • Weekly assessment and maintenance of your reviews on all major platforms to ensure quality of referrals

Search Optimization

  • Content focused SEO strategy that provides value to your customers

  • Daily monitoring and correction of negative SEO

  • Weekly keyword and backlink research and maintenance

  • Daily monitoring and maintenance of your local business information on Google Local, Yelp, Maps, and other geo-specific platforms

Ad Management

  • Inbound marketing management through Google Adwords, Facebook Lead Ads, and other major search engines

  • Native advertising through sponsored posts of your posts and posts made by other influencers about you and your products

  • Content syndication through market-specific ad networks

  • Retargeting ads to potential customers based on highly specific engagement segments

** Social algorithms now penalize pages who post more content than their audience is engaging with. Our strategy is to create blogs and posts then promote them as long as they are getting engagements since this shows that the content is still showing up in peoples "newsfeeds". Once a piece of content "loses steam" we share and promote the next content on the calendar.

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